Can you tell what’s wrong with this picture?

Bloomberg predicts Gen-AI will be a 1.3 Trillion market by 2032.

MarketResearch predicts the Procurement Software Market will be worth 17.6 Billion in 2032.

Give up? The answer is simple. ????????????????????????????????????????!

Every single business needs to procure. Every single procurement department in every single business is being crushed under the weight of compliance requirements, risk assessments, logistics delays, supply chain interruptions, auditability requirements, DEI requirements, quality requirements, budget constraints, etc.

???????????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????? ???????????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????.

In comparison, ???????????? ???? ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????? ???????????????????? ????????????-????????!

Companies have survived just fine without it for thousands of years. There’s yet to be a single use case that provides value and does so reliably. (Maybe a few for specialty tailored LLMs, but not Open-AI Gen-AI.)

Seriously think about this!