Daily Archives: September 11, 2006

eyefortransport’s 2nd Supply Chain Directions Summit

As I mentioned in my post Supply Chain Direction: Collaboration is Key back in July, eyefortransport’s 2nd Supply Chain Directions Summit is coming up in November. This year it is being held at the Sofitel San Francisco Bay, Redwood, Hotel on November 28-29th in San Francisco, California. (Download the brochure.)

Billed as the only event that gives you proven strategies to achieve a demand driven seamless supply chain through Collaboration, Forecasting, Inventory & Disruption Management, Data Integration, Top Sourcing & Outsourcing, as I stated in my previous post, what caught my attention was the speaker list which reads like a who’s who list in the logistics and SCM trenches. In addition, attendees are going to be treated to case studies from Nokia on best practices in handling global transportation security, Coca Cola on delivery and inventory level optimization, Michelin on RFID implementation, intel on 3PL costs, Nike on 3PL lessons learned, the Gap on turning security requirements to your advantage, and M-I SWACO on multi-tiered supply chain management as well as panel sessions on the creation of a proactive demand-driven value-creating supply chain, global sourcing options, outsourcing logistics strategies, and supply chain immunization.

If you’ve kept up with SourcingInnovation and eSourcing Forum over the summer, you’ll notice that these are all topics I’ve spent a considerable amount of time on (especially in my weekend series) and all vital to your continued supply chain success. I know there are a lot of supply chain (related) events being held annually (as I maintain a large list over on the Sourcing Innovation Web Site, but given the speaker line up and the topics being focused on, I don’t see how you could afford to ignore this one, especially since, to the best of my knowledge, it does not conflict with any other significant supply chain event. (Feel free to email me at thedoctor<at>sourcinginnovation<dot>com to have your event added to the list!) Check it out, and feel free to contact the Events Director, Rodrigo Canete if you have any questions about the 2nd Supply Chain Directions Summit.