Daily Archives: September 30, 2006

Cross Border Shipping

Every business needs to send packages. It’s just the natural order of business. But with such a dizzying array of options: Fedex, UPS, Purolator, DHL, who do you choose?

Well, I do not know if they are better suited to your needs or not, but after this advertisement (I apologize for the low quality, but I do not have access to a color scanner at the moment), Purolator has my vote!


For the curious, the missing text is the following:

From anywhere in Canada to every zip code in the U.S., trust the experience of Canada’s largest courier. Just visit purolator.com to ship all your documents in one easy step. Our enhanced technology ensures better U.S. tracking. And one courier means one invoice. For more information, visit purolator.com or call 1 888 529 9777 to order your U.S. shipping kit.

Well, based on this add, and the fact they ship to Moose Jaw express (1 888 JAW XPRS), I have to give them my vote, eh?