The First Rule of Cost Avoidance

Don’t spend money proving what you already know!

Last Saturday, April 14, 2007, after seven cancellations and $700M, NASA’s Gravity Probe B confirmed, to a precision of better than 1 per cent, the assertion that Einstein made 90 years ago, than an object such as the earth does indeed distort the fabric of space and time.


It explains our effect-based concept of gravity, and whether or not gravity really exists (which should be in question since it does not reconcile with the unified theory of quantum mechanics that reconciles the strong, weak, and electro-magnetic forces under the right conditions), the effects of whatever gravity is affect us every day.

So again I say Duh! and point out that if you want to make the list of the ten worst spend management organizations, shelling out 700M to confirm the obvious would be a great way to start!

For additional advice, I will refer you to the Greatest Living American Stephen Colbert!