Daily Archives: April 23, 2007

The Top Three I: The Big Bad Blogger Throw-down!

It’s been a while since the last cross-blog series, and a long while since the last big cross-blog series – last summer’s Sourcing Innovation series that ran for thirteen posts, crossed seven blogs, and engaged eleven different authors – but the wait is over! Today I’m pleased to announce that a new cross-blog mega series is starting – “The Top Three”.

In this series, which will run for the next two weeks, your favorite sourcing, procurement, and supply chain bloggers and guest bloggers, including a few of the Enterprise Irregulars are going to discuss the three issues in the sourcing / procurement / supply chain space that they perceive to be the most critical as well as a discussion of why the issue is important, what a company can do about it, and what could happen if it’s not addressed.

Current indications are that this is going to shape up to be a great series! So far, I’ve received confirmations from over twenty authors that they are going to participate, including a few on the periphery of the space, and I’m hoping more will jump in as the throw-down escalates! As a side-note, I’ve invited almost sixty different bloggers, guest bloggers, and prominent individuals to participate, including every blogger I have indexed on my master blog list over on the Sourcing Innovation Website Blog-Roll.

By the end of the series, don’t be surprised if we finally have a good definition of what Supply Management 2.0 really is!