The Top Three X: It Keeps Going and Going

Chris Jacob Abraham of @ Supply Chain Management posted his forward piece on Supply Chain Management 2.0 in anticipation of his pieces on the top three issues in Supply Chain Management and gave us his first post on supply chain talent.

Randy Littleson of Kinaxis on Response Management posted his piece on strategy, strategy, and people.

Eric Hiller of Cost Cents offered his initial post on Design for … What?.

But more importantly, a number of bloggers still haven’t entered the fray. Between non-stop travel (Vinnie Mirchandani), London Lag (Tim Minahan), SAPPHIRE fixation (Jason Busch), last minute assignment (Greg Holt, since Paul finally managed to sneak away for a short vacation), analyst schedules (surprise guest bloggers from Aberdeen and AMR), a burning need to do multiple posts (Chris Jacob Abraham and Eric Hiller), and the desire to build up anticipation (one or more surprise guest bloggers), the fray is destined to continue for another week. ( Of course, they might just be waiting for your adoration, in which case a comment on their blogs indicating how much you value their opinion and how great their last post was could speed things up. )