The Cynical Sorcerer Comes Out of His Shell

Perhaps not yet ready to stop celebrating US independence, the elusive Tony Poshek, the inventor of The Puddy Principle to Strategic Sourcing, and our very own Cynical Sorcer(er), has decided to stop throwing us bloggers scraps and yesterday, for the first time, offered us a glimpse into the mind of the manic marauder with his inaugural post on Spend Matters that lamented the cruel fate that may yet befall the Paris’ Pup.

The post, which lamented the recent run of bad luck to befall our eastern exchange partner, whose citizens have apparently just discovered Weird Al’s 1985 hit Dare to Be Stupid and decided to add a verse or two of their own:

    Put down your Mobal and listen to me

    It’s time for us to join in the trade

    It’s time to let our babies to grow up to be cowboys

    It’s time to remove the blockade

    It’s time to make diethylene glycol toothpaste

    It’s time to paint our toy trains with lead

    It’s time to lace pet food with melamine

    It’s time to leave the gum out of the tread …

points out that as simultaneously entertaining and terrifying as the referenced stories are, the most interesting ones are the smaller stories that deal with consumers actually trying to boycott products from China, such as How one woman said ‘No’ to Chinese imports and U.S. family tries living without China.

All I can say is that I hope we see more posts in the future. He’s no Spend Fool (but then again, who is?), but his swift style is scandalously satirical, and that’s a breath of Chicago air we all need once and again.