China Matters II

Over on China Spend Matters, Jason has just completed his second 27-part PBS-like Series on the ins and outs of China Sourcing – which I’m sure will immediately be followed by his third 27-Part PBS-like Series on the lessons learned upon further reflection from being on-the-ground in China. However, in the interim, as I did last time, I’ve indexed all of the posts for you so that you can catch up if you’ve missed any!

From talent management to executive suicide, trucking to rail, and toys to potatoes, this series has it all! Explore the controversy and get a broad perspective from one of the only bloggers that goes direct to the source to get inside the Chinese quality mindset. And when the future ain’t what it used to be, why not dive in to the one blog that knows, when you’re in a Chinese court, you got plagiarism!

So, in its bloggin’ brilliance, here is the second 27-part PBS-like second series on the ins and outs of China sourcing, including five dispatches Live From China: