Daily Archives: October 27, 2007

Don’t they have anything better to blog about?

Not that long ago, I happened to notice the title of a SupplyManagement.com blog entry … that asked a really pointless question … specifically What is the most common name in procurement? Then it started with: while reporting on the profession we have been struck by the number of procurement professionals with the same first names and asked if anyone else noticed any trends, like they were the first to think of it.

Its a well known that name popularity rises and falls with the times – and even an American 5th grader can tell you that this means some names are going to be more common than others! Furthermore, even my cat has read Freakonomics (or at the very least snuggled up to all of the pages, chewed on the ears, and slept on it a few dozen times) and knows that some names are going to be more common than others and that if she lets loose a mrow-mrow-ra instead of a mrow-mrow-mi-ous she’s more likely to get attention in a room of drunks mistaking slurs for actual names.

Now I know I should also be asking Don’t I have anything better to blog about?, and trust me when I say that I did, but after hearing Distinguishing the Indistinguishable: Exploring Differences in Supply Chain Software Packages Using Centering Resonance Text Analysis all I can think about are Stirling engines and the obvious jokes. I’m panning, but all I’m coming up with is fool’s gold. Maybe next weekend.