Duh! Supply Chain Headlines of the Week

Earlier this week I stumbled upon three headlines in particular that conveyed messages that were completely obvious to me and, hopefully, completely obvious to anyone in the supply management space. They were so obvious that the only way you wouldn’t already be aware of these no-brainers is if you didn’t have a brain! Since I literally found all three in a short time-span of about five minutes, I felt the need to share the cluster to find out if anyone else has had one of these anti-climactic realizations that sometimes the art of short headlines leaves much to be desired.

These are the headlines (which were attached to articles which were better than the headlines, by the way) that made me go Duh!

  • Bad Metrics Can Doom Your CRM Project
    Bad Metrics can doom ANY project — sourcing, procurement, ERP — not just CRM!

    It does have a good point on how weekly indicators that sound meaningful usually aren’t — over measuring can be even worse than under-measuring.

  • Supply chain innovation is important

    That’s why this blog is here!
    You have to get leaner and meaner and there are limits to how much you can reduce cost through negotiation, spend analysis and decision optimization if you can’t find fundamentally new ways to take cost out of the supply chain.

  • Investment in Procurement Technology Continues
    Given that properly applied procurement technology always increases efficiency, decreases (transactional) cost, and makes it easier to stop maverick spending in it’s tracks (which can often eat up 30% of savings, as Bernard Gunther pointed out earlier this week in his post), investment in this technology is going to continue to increase until the market is saturated — especially now that there are a number of low-cost options on the market.

Anyone want to share their favourite Duh! headlines of the week? Maybe we can start our own weekly mini-FARK dedicated to sourcing and procurement! It might even coerce the satirical sourcerer out of his slumber! (It’s been a long time since our last weekly Supply Chain Humor post!)