Game Changers or Business As Usual?

Supply Chain Digest recently reviewed Kate Vitadek & J. Paul Dittman’s full report on Supply Chain Game Changers: A Practitioner’s Guide for Driving Competitive Advantage within Your Supply Chain. After reviewing the top ten list, I’m not sure if they are “game changers” or “business as usual” because I don’t see the difference between this list and a list of the top ten issues that have been facing modern supply chains for the last few years.

In brief, the list is:

  • The Mandate for Measurement
  • Supply Chain Collaboration
  • Lean/Six Sigma Applied to the Supply Chain
  • Managing Complexity
  • Supply Chain Technology
  • Network Optimization
  • Global Supply Chain Implications
  • Sustainability
  • Risk Management
  • Managing Out Costs and Working Capital

So, what do you think? Game changers? Day to Day Issues? or Both?

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