Daily Archives: November 14, 2009

Is No News Good News for the Oompa Loompas?

When we last checked in, the road was still rocky for the Oompa Loompas who had to deal with E. Coli at the Nestle Plant, Venezuala seizing coffee companies (and catching them in the cross-fire), and a death at the New Jersey Chocolate Plant.

Since then, there has been very little news about the Oompa Loompas. Very little. Besides these low-key articles where:

and this nice press on CNN.com that noted that dark chocolate is the ultimate superfood,

I haven’t seen anything on what seemed to be a never-ending plight for the oompa loompas since our last update. Could this mean that, after two long years, things are finally shaping up for the oompa loompas? What do you think?