Have You Extended Your REACH?

If you haven’t, you might find that you’re shut out of European markets in 2010. You see, when January, only two short months away, comes around, another 15 substances must be reported under REACH. Furthermore, the EU is planning to add substances to the list every six months, possibly until the entire SIN List of 356 chemicals that have been identified as Substances of Very High Concern is on the table. If you can’t complete the necessary reporting, you can’t import into, manufacture in, or export from the EU. Right now, you just have 15 restricted substances that require mandatory reporting but the following 15 substances identified on the ECHA website will soon be restricted and require mandatory reporting as well.

Are you ready?

And are you ready for the Global RoHS initiatives? China, Japan, California, etc. … it’s not just the EU anymore.

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