Rinehart and Andraski’s Top 10 Negotiating Mistakes

In order to whet your whistle for Rinehart’s upcoming guest posts on relationship management and negotiation management, here are Rinehart and Andraski’s Top 10 Negotiating Mistakes, which they have compiled during their research (and which they have described in detail in their books available through the CSCMP store).

  • 10. Negotiators who do not want to negotiate – SHOULD NOT.
  • 09. Negotiators who do not have time to negotiate – SHOULD NOT.
  • 08. Negotiators who do NOT prepare for a negotiation do not have enough information to create a successful outcome.
  • 07. Negotiators who share more information than the other party will gain fewer financial benefits within an agreement than the other party (but may gain relationship benefits if the long term financial benefits can be established).
  • 06. Negotiators who do NOT accurately link the importance of the issues and the discussion order may give away critical information to the other party.
  • 05. Negotiators who are NOT willing to risk resources are more likely to lose from the negotiation than more risk prone negotiators.
  • 04. Negotiators who “care” and cannot walk away from the bargaining table will not maximize their outcomes from each negotiation.
  • 03. The negotiator who STARTS the negotiation, FINISHES the negotiation.
  • 02. Negotiators who openly trust the the party, without history, are less likely to create a WIN-WIN outcome.
  • 01. The negotiator who does NOT accurately assess the power / dependence relationship between the parties will NOT gain the desired benefits from the negotiation.

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