Daily Archives: May 7, 2011

We Need a “Loser Pays” Bill for Patent Lawsuits

If we can’t follow Europe’s lead and abolish software patents and get rid of the patent pirates once and for all, we should at least consider a loser-pays bill to prevent superfluous patent lawsuits which seem to litter the space every few years. Forget about the attempt to bring the English Rule to Texas, bring the patent pirate rule! And then, to make it really interesting, if the plaintiff loses, it pays double!

It’s time we got back to competing on service and value.

I Thought ‘C’ Was For Cookie

When I was young, it was ‘C’ is for Cookie and that was good enough for me. But it seems these days that ‘C’ is for ‘Criterion’ since, everytime I turn around, we have another ‘model’ built entirely of ‘criterions’ that start with ‘C’.

There’s the The (Sourcing Innovation) 9 Cs of Site Selection, which is an expanded version of the Strategy + Business Five C’s of Site Selection.

There’s the Three C’s of Procurement (Central).

There’s the 6 Cs AchieveGlobal Model of Innovation Culture.

There’s the Five Cs of Credit Definition.

And the
3 Cs of Information Commerce.

We’re a crazy criterion culture obsessed with confusing configuration and it’s getting hard to cope without my cookie!