What Should You Do When Your Firm is About to Undergo an M&A?

M&A activity is heating up, and there’s a chance that your firm could be next. You could be the acquirer, the acquiree, or an equal partner in what is designed to be an equal merger. Either way, you have two choices: embrace the merger / acquisition or pretend it isn’t happening. In the first case, an enteprising Supply Management professional can often land herself a better position in the merged organization if she finds a way to shine. In the second, the disbelieving individual is likely to find himself out of a job in short order.

So what should the enterprising individual do if she wants to make the most of the situation? A recent article over on SupplyManagement.com (from the Official CIPS Magazine), about how such an individual gets in the mix, provided some useful insights. According to the article, the individual should:

  • seek out colleagues in the other organization
    and work with them on analysis, contract review, and benchmarking to identify quick wins that will raise her profile
  • understand the other business’ systems and processes
    as there may be scope for re-engineering that will increase efficiency, decrease cost, and improve results
  • look for complementary strengths
    that complement her organization’s weaknesses and use them to attack sourcing projects that would be put off otherwise
  • identify those who feel challenged or threatened
    and work to help them — as they’ll likely remember her when asked who should stay and who should go

and should not:

  • go into avoidance mode and hope it will go away

because, once Procurement is involved, it rarely does.

It’s good advice, and a good article.