Ariba Needs to Get Its Prescription Checked

Ariba recently released Vision 2020 – The Future of Procurement, which was intended to define what the Procurement function is going to look like in 2020. While it was a noble effort, it would appear that Ariba needs to get its prescription checked. While almost half of the predictions were on the mark, and others were close, some define the state of Procurement today, some define the state of Procurement yesterday, and some were just out to lunch. Since you know I can’t leave unanswered any report that I know is going to be taken as influential when it is not 100%, I am going to address each prediction one by one over the next six posts.

In particular, this series will divide the predictions into five categories:

  • Yesterday’s News
    These predictions clearly missed the boat that sailed a long time ago. Any organization that thinks this is Supply Management 2020 needs to take a close look at Supply Management 2000.
  • Today’s Blues
    These predictions would have been good if made in 2005 for 2010, as even though many of the capabilities have been around for a few years, most did not start to be adopted by leading Supply Management organizations until after 2005.
  • Tomorrow’s Shoes
    These predictions hit the mark. Leading Supply Management organizations are starting to embark on the journey that will see them realize these capabilities within 10 years, as they are necessary for these organizations to get to the next level of supply management.
  • Close, but no Cigar
    These predictions were close, but either went a little too far or a little to the side.
  • I Hope it’s Just a Ruse
    I don’t know where these predictions came from. They’re totally off base and anyone banking on them is in for a surprise.

Stay tuned! Agree or disagree, you can chime in with a comment or, according to the paper, join the conversation on the Ariba Exchange if you’re a registered member. SI prefers open discussions, but to each his own.