If You Have to Hire, Maybe You Should Hire At Home (Bonus NPX Take Away 2)

Yes, the doctor is back on his home-sourcing horse, but there are good reasons. It’s now literally cheaper to “off-shore” in Oklahoma, Alabama, and Michigan than to go to Maharastra, Andhra Pradesh, or Rajasthan. At both the Hackett Group Conference and the NPX gathering put on by The Mpower Group, I heard a number of top executives from Fortune 500 companies note how it was cheaper to bring certain operations and services back home than keep them in India where labor rates are still increasing in the double-digits year after year.

And if this isn’t enough to convince you, this fact should really make you think twice. Not only are American companies hiring at home, but now Indian companies are hiring American citizens on American soil to fulfill the outsourcing contracts granted to them by American companies. And this is happening in Procurement, Finance, and Legal. That’s right! There are so many unemployed lawyers now that it’s cheaper for Indian firms to hire unemployed American lawyers than to try and recruit lawyers that know American law because they are few and far between, in great demand in India outsourcing shops, and command ever increasing salaries.

So hire at home before India (and, in short order, China) scoop up all your talent!