Your Browser Matters

While using Internet Explorer will not make you dumb, if you are using it, you probably are. That’s what a recent study by AptiQuant, that a gave more than 100,000 participants an IQ test while monitoring which browser they used to take the test, found. The results, nicely summarized in this CNN article that asks if Internet Explorer Users [are] Dumb, found that users of IE6 scored the lowest on the tests, with a score of just over 80, while users of Opera (the doctor‘s preferred browser by the way, using it since, believe it or not, 1997 when Opera 3.0 was released) scored the highest at well over 120. In other words, IE Users were at the bottom of the “dullness” range while Opera Users have “very superior intelligence” or, for the more technical, in order to include IE users, you have to go two standard deviations from the mean down, and in order to include Opera users, you have to go two standard deviations from the mean up.

Cheap shot at IE users? Oh yeah. Do they deserve it? Probably. There’s no excuse to be using IE, the most non-standards compliant browser on the market, when Firefox, Chrome, and even Safari are leagues ahead and cross-platform. Consider the recent HTML5 Browser Scorecard. IE9 Beta supports a mere 96 HTML 5 features, while Safari 5, Chrome 8, and Firefox 5 support over 200 features. So drop IE. Even if it doesn’t raise your IQ (as the doctor understands that correlation is not causation), at least no one will think you’re dumb.