No Service, No Tax: Haligonians Demand Your Money Back!

My apologies to my global readers, but this is a local issue that is growing more pressing by the day and I feel the need to get the message out any way I can.

HRM residents pay 0.156% of the value of their property on their
property tax bill each year in the form of an area tax for Metro
Transit. Last year, the HRM collected 34 Million dollars to fund Metro
Transit, and this year the HRM expects to collect over 35 Million
dollars for the same purpose. In other words, we are paying almost 3
Million dollars per month for a service we are not getting.

We, the residents of HRM, demand that one twelfth of the are tax be
credited back to us for each month that Metro Transit is not running.

There is no reason that the strike should be prolonged unnecessarily.
We should not be responsible for the failings of management. Almost
100,000 people are affected by the lack of service, and their voice is
not being heard. Students are being forced to drop out of school and
people are losing their jobs. We feel that the only way our collective
voices will be heard is if we unite and demand our money back.
Furthermore, we are tired of all of the in-camera sessions and secret
negotiations. It’s our money, and our service, and we want some
transparency and accountability.

No Service, No Tax, One Voice!

If you agree, please sign our petition at Petition Online Canada.