Daily Archives: March 16, 2012

Sometimes, Less Really Is More!

Regular readers will probably have noticed that SI has decreased its post rate in 2012 by 30% to 40% while some blogs in the space have increased their post rate by up to 100%. Why did it do that? The same reason Salon cut its post count by a third. By moving from a model where they published multiple posts, where most were only summaries of a major news events covered by someone else, to a model where they published fewer, but more in-depth, stories, they increased traffic by 40%.

And even though, the main reason SI moved to less was because it feels you, dear reader, are just being over-whelmed, similar logic applies. You’re already overworked, so why do you need to read the same thing three times, and, more importantly, read three stories where none of them tell you what you really need to know or give you a good picture of the situation. Plus, as we explained on Monday, Work is Murder, so we’re going to make sure everything you read has some meaning and completeness behind it. Plus, we want to make sure you have time to read the in-depth papers that SI comes out with from time to time, including the recently released free e-book on Spend Analysis which really does constitute the definitive guide and the forthcoming white-paper on Taking The First Steps on Your Next Level Supply Management Journey.

And to prepare yourself for this upcoming question, the doctor would like you to ask this question and try to answer it. How do you imagine your Supply Management future? (If you don’t have a good answer, he would recommend picking up one or more of Dominick & Lunney’s Procurement Game Plan, which was reviewed this week, Payne & Dorn’s Managing Indirect Spend, which was reviewed in late January, or Rudzki and Trent’s Next Level Supply Management Excellence, which was reviewed late last summer. They’re all great starting points to try and answer this question. If you can’t imagine your future, you’re going to have a hard time getting there.)