Wallmedien Puts Another Brick in the Wall – With Contract Management!

When I was hired in Procurement
There were certain people who would lay bare our spend anyway they could
by pouring their derision upon anything we bought
exposing every weakness however painfully skilled it was wrought

But among us it was well known that when they went home at night
they too were paralyzed with fright
that gripped them fully throughout their work life.

… because …

We don’t have no contract system.
We don’t have no price control!
No spend monitors in the software,
buyers left in a black-hole
Yes, Buyers, left in a black-hole!

Without contract management and monitoring, most buyers are in a black-hole as they don’t know whether their carefully negotiated savings-laced sourcing strategy is being properly implemented. Every organization needs (near) (real-time) contract management, even if it already has a sourcing suite. That’s why, noticing the dearth of stand-alone contract management solutions on the market (as the best-of-breed vendors keep getting acquired), Wallmedien decided to release a stand-alone contract management solution for those who already had a (partial) sourcing or procurement solution and just needed to fill a gap or two.

Like any good contract management system it supports all organizational contracts (buy and sell side), roles-based access, reporting, inventory and spend tracking, early-warning of upcoming terminations or automatic (evergreen) renewals, automatic identification of contracts that are no longer linked to products or services (or that have not been purchased against in the last x-months), and extensive contract authoring features for framework, services, purchase, maintenance, license, telecommunication, and rental contracts. It can also track warranties and alert a user when a return can be made against a contract. And it seamlessly integrates with numerous third party systems, including the big-name ERPs and MRPs.

Since we all know what contract management systems do and how they work, there’s no need to go to deep into any of these points as the whole point is to let you know that if you need a BoB point-solution to augment an existing sourcing or procurement solution, and are having difficulty identifying a stand-alone contract management solution that meets your needs, Wallmedien is one option that you can definitely consider.