Daily Archives: November 12, 2012

Hiperos – It’s So Hip To Be Square with 3rd Party Management! Part I

When we last checked in with Hiperos, they had evolved from a Risk Management platform to an “Extended Enterprise Management” platform that integrated Contract Management, Compliance Management, Performance Management, and Sustainability Management into a 360° solution platform for an organization that wanted to get these various facets of risk under control.

However, as they have continued to roll-out their platform and work with clients in different verticals (beyond finance, which was their initial core strength and where they appear to be dominating the market), they have found that as enterprises get their internal(ly controlled) risks under control, their clients realize that typically the biggest risks they face are from their suppliers and vendors who provide then with all sorts of direct and indirect product and services. As a result, 3rd Party Management (3PM) has become critical to their operational success. How critical?

Consider these statistics. Forty-four percent of data breaches involve third parties, and the most expensive data breach has cost 35.3 Million dollars to resolve. And while this is atypically high, a data breach will cost an organization millions to resolve (as even the cheapest data breach cost $780,000). And if there turn out to be traces of blood money or drug money in your supply chain, it could cost you as much as $160 Million to settle the resulting probe. In short, 3rd Party Risk, if not properly managed, is likely to end up costing your organization millions. The only question is when.

And if you believe that preventative spending to manage risks that might not happen is unwise in this economy, consider this. Organizations that implemented Hiperos 3rd Party Management saw a 75% reduction in customer impact incidents due to sole sourcing. One organization was able to eliminate a seven-figure spend of 4 Million in annual subscription fees that it was paying just to insure that it wasn’t using blacklisted or banned suppliers (and that it wasn’t working with suppliers who were known to bribe and/or be involved in anti-corruption investigations) as the Hiperos 3rd Party Management solution contained all the functionality they needed. And, overall, Hiperos’ clients saw a 300% increase in the assessment of 3rd parties with a high-breach potential — allowing them to be vetted or eliminated before a costly incident occurred.

And this is jus a short-list of costly compliance and reputational risk facing an average organization that operates globally and has to deal with ISO, SAS 70, Anti-Bribery, Anti-Money Laundering, FCPA, SOX, OCC, CFPB, REACH, WEEE, OSHA, HIPPA, and W9 security and reporting obligations, just to name a few. A third party management solution tracks all of this, and more.

So what does Hiperos do to help you with your 3rd Party Management? Stay Tuned for Part II.