Want to Ride the Rails? Go East, Young Man, Go East!

Recently we pointed out that despite the fact that the US has a 100 year lead on China on the rails, China is kicking the USA’s @ss when it comes to rail. It just launched the world’s longest high-speed rail route from Beijing to Guangzhou.

Now, not to be left out, India is getting in on the action. As per this recent article over on The Financial, Tata Projects [has begun] work on [the] RS3300 crore Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor project (EDFC), which it recently won in partnership with Aldesa of Spain. This particular project will lay 337 lines of track between Bhaupur and Khurja in Uttar Pradesh.

Eventually, the eastern dedicated freight corridor (EDFC) project will connect Ludhiana to Dankuni (in the eastern corridor), and Dadri to Jawaharlal Nehru Port, Mumbai (in the western corridor). In addition, the EDFC has been designed for 32.5 tonne axle load, which is at par with America and China, and will increase the speed of freight by up to 100 km per hour.

It’s amazing. North America used to own the rails, but now we’re falling behind the emerging markets, who understand that while a truck is good, a locomotive that can pull ten cars is ten times better. If we were smart, we’d be investing in high-speed rail across the US, instead of bickering about cost distribution between states/provinces and the federal government. A century ago, rails was the future, and it looks like it will be again. Will we realize that before its too late?