Daily Archives: July 20, 2013

Seventy Five Years Ago Today, The US Department of Justice Took on the Studio System …

… charging violations of the Sherman AntiTrust Act and, ten years later, won! It was a historic suit, and one we have not seen the likes of in years. In order for progress to be made, the US DoJ needs to take down the MPAA and the RIAA, or at least their lobbying arms which continually attempt to introduce acts like the the DMCA, the new Performance Rights Act, and California Senate Bill 550 which allows law enforcement to enter optical-disc plants and seize disc-stamping equipment without a court warrant. Every year the MPAA and RIAA claims of what is required for artistic creativity and expression and IP protection get more and more absurd to the point where they will soon be demanding bills like Florida HB 155 which make any computer and smartphone capable of accessing the internet illegal!
We need to end their existence now before they put an end to innovation permanently! Otherwise, we’ll be lamenting a dark and dreary future where corporations rule the world and we are all slaves to the corporate machine. (In other words, Continuum will become an accurate documentary of our future.)