How Will You Tame the Tolls in 2014?

Costs are still rising in the average supply chain, and this situation is not likely to change during this decade. There are still many reasons for this, some obvious, some less so. Regardless of the reasons, these tolls are taxing on every industry and it’s still critical that an organization take action as soon as possible, as the chances of hyper-inflation, which has already occurred in categories such as palladium, cattle, and cocoa, are still high.

However, hyper-inflation is not the only risk facing your supply chain in 2014. It’s not even one risk in ten. It’s one risk amongst a plethora of risk. But it is one of the biggest risks. SI’s new white-paper on the Top Ten Transitions To Tackle in 2014 to Tame the Tolls, discusses this risk in detail, as well as 13 more risks that could result in substantially increased costs to any organization’s supply chain. Risks that need to be addressed to keep organizational costs in line.

Fortunately, there are ways to address these risks. After identifying ten weaknesses in an average organization that are allowing these risks to take root and grow, the white paper identifies ten actions that every organization can take to strengthen its weaknesses and reduce the possibility of the identified risks wreaking havoc with its Supply Management operations. Risks that could increase organizational costs significantly if left unchecked.

The sequel to SI’s white paper on The Top Ten Things to Do in 2013 to Control Costs, this white paper looks at the state of the market one year later and provides you the foundations you need to attack the forthcoming challenges of 2014 head-on. So download the Top Ten Transitions To Tackle in 2014 to Tame the Tolls today (registration required), sponsored by BravoSolution, and get ahead of the game.