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The 2nd NLPA Conference: Tackling Topics that Matter!

On September 15th to 17th, the Next Level Purchasing Association is hosting its 2nd Procurement Conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The agenda is almost final, and the topics being covered in the workshops are important ones. Unlike most conferences, the NLPA conference is focused on education — education that you need to do your job better (which is what conferences should be about, and not full-time speakers blowing their horns or vendors pitching their products, as you’d know what you had to buy without being told with the right education).

The workshops being offered are the following:

There’s No ‘I’ In Team: Collaborative Sourcing in a Decentralized Organization
Procurement success depends on collaboration — because procurement success depends upon consistent category management. Proper needs identification, vendor selection, contract creation, and compliance! Because, without compliance, maverick spend runs rampant — maverick spend with can only be eliminated when everyone is collaborating and on the same page.

Who’s on First? Strategies for Management and People Changes
Sourcing Innovation is always saying it’s technology, talent and transition for a reason. You need good technology to do your jobs effectively, technology that requires trained skill (talent), and technology that requires you to change your ways and transition to a better way of doing things. This is one type of management. But some people will be resistant to change, this is where transition management comes in — because they will need to be guided to the better way of doing things.

Charting Your Path to Victory: How to Successfully Manage Procurement Projects
Procurement is a lot more complicated than the 3-bids and a buy it was in the not-so-good ol’ days. In fact, some projects will require multi-phase vendor identification and pre-selection before you even begin the multi-phase negotiation and analysis that will lead to an award — which is where the real (multi-year) Procurement process begins! Which will have to be executed as plan, or you will have a lot of maverick (and expedited) spend.

Where is the Playbook: Hidden Risks of Terms & Conditions
Terms and conditions are the concealed weapons of the legal world. Concealed weapons that will be pulled on targeted upon you at the worst possible time. For example, Force Majeure, while seeming fair and innocuous, when combined with sole-source requirements, is a Masamune blade guaranteed to cut you every time. While it’s fair for a supplier to not be expected to deliver when a typhoon shuts down their factory, it’s not fair to have a non-breakable sole-source clause for the contract duration which could force you to shut your production line down if you are unable to get your parts in time.