Daily Archives: May 8, 2015

Talent IS the Biggest Issue Facing Procurement Today.

the doctor follows a wide-range of Procurement topics and channels. There’s a lot of noise. There’s a lot of repeat messaging. But sometimes there’s not enough repeat messaging. One area where there’s not enough repeat messaging is with respect to talent: the lack of talent, the difficulty in retaining talent, and, most importantly, the lack of necessary investment in talent by companies that need it the most.

A recent post over on the Argentus Talent Acquisition site on what are the biggest issues facing Procurement today correctly pointed out that there are two main issues: the shortage of attracting talent, and the shortage of retaining talent. But, to be fair, that’s not the biggest issue.

The biggest issue is the lack of training for emerging and existing talent. For years, talent has made the top three issues on Procurement survey after Procurement survey and for years, the investment in talent has been minimal or non-existent. The average university does not have a Supply Chain Management / Procurement program, the average individual looking for a career and funding her own continuing education doesn’t even consider Procurement, and the average subject matter expert (SME) hired into, or transferred into, Procurement barely understands basic Purchasing policy.

So where does an organization expect to get the talent it needs if it is not willing to invest to create that talent? And how does it expect to retain the ration of talent it gets if it does not continually invest in that talent to give it a reason to stay?

Talent is the issue. And will be the issue for years. It’s not a prediction. It’s not even an observation. It’s just reality.