Synertrade – Another European P2P Vendor Expanding Westward

While this vendor was effectively unknown in North America even a year ago, Synertrade has one of the broadest, and deepest, footprints in the S2P (Source to Pay) marketplace. And it has additional functionality, like innovation management, portfolio strategy, quality management, and a centralized supplier portal not generally found in most S2P platforms.

So while you might already have a dozen vendors on your P2P evaluation list, if your organization needs a solution that goes beyond the basics, this is one that should definitely be on your short list. Why?

As discussed by the doctor and the prophet over on the recent 3-part series that appeared on Spend Matters Pro (Part I, Part II, and Part III) [membership required], it has a number of strengths, including, but not limited to:

  • ease of use
  • role orientation
  • innovation management
  • risk intelligence
  • quick data integration

In addition, Synertrade is a well established with:

  • 16 years of P2P solution history
  • over 500 global customers
  • 15 global offices on 4 continents to support an international clint base
  • strong partner support

The Synertrade platform is a set of applications integrated across business processes to support an average enterprise in the full breadth of its Source to Pay activities. The 27 modules that are currently available (with another 6 coming by year end) can not only be configured as needed to support client requirements, but can be enabled or disabled as necessary, and the workflow adjusted accordingly, to customize the experience for each client, and each employee of each client.

The Source to Contract application contains RFX, auctions, and contract management capabilities with event (tender) management. The Procure to Pay application contains catalogue management capability (which supports the webshop), basic procure to pay, as well as order tracking and inventory management. In addition, the WebShop is comparable to any other web-based catalog purchasing solution with integrated EDI catalogs, custom catalogs, and free-form requisitions and checkouts. The Supplier Management application is built around a supplier database and supports supplier self-registration, qualification and assessment, certificate and document management, quality management, and development measures. The Purchasing Intelligence application, built around a harmonized data store that integrates all data from the platform and any relevant external applications (and pre-defined spend cubes), supports standard spend analysis, performance analysis, supplier scorecard analysis, and risk analysis.

There are a number of strengths to the platform, and major strengths include:


The SynerConnect tool allows them to quickly map a client’s data to a common schema that has been developed using fifteen plus years of best practice data mapping and integration. With this tool, Synertrade can integrate just about any existing system or (real-time) (market) data feed that the organization wants to integrate in a manner of hours. Even obscure ERPs, custom-built supply management systems, and discontinued database products can be integrated quickly.

Risk Intelligence

The risk intelligence piece is quite powerful as it integrates supplier scorecards with Risk Methods and Ecovadis data and allows an organization, and a buyer, to evaluate supplier risk from multiple angles — financial, geographic, product/material availability, social responsibility, etc. The standard measurements and ratings can be overridden by the clients and the reports can be customized as needed. Plus, it is built on their analytics platform, which is built on Qlikview and extensive data cubes built up over years of platform extension (and cube definition).

Material Category / Supplier Portfolio Strategy

It’s great to know how much you are spending on a category, supplier, product, service, etc. and to be able to break it down across all of these dimensions, but if you do not know what to do with this data, that’s not that helpful. The Synertrade product helps buying teams and organizations overcome this by integrating the knowledge captured in the classic Kraljic matrix and the more modern AT Kearney Procurement chessboard and based upon this and extracted measures can recommended levers and strategies for categories, suppliers, and their intersection. This is extremely useful for organizations looking for a starting point in their strategic sourcing and procurement efforts.

For a deeper dive into Synertrade strengths, a full corporate SWOT analysis, a product selection guide, and an analyst commentary, see the in-depth three part series by the doctor and the prophet over on Spend Matters Pro (Part I, Part II, and Part III) [membership required].