Dave Caroll was Lucky! United Only Broke His Guitar!

Reading this incident (reported on cbc.ca) about how United is now forcibly removing paying passengers from planes after assigning them a seat and allowing them to board, and knowing how little room there is to maneuver in those aisles, it seems that boarding a plane now comes with the risk of getting broken bones! (While it, fortunately, did not happen this time, getting an arm or leg caught on an armrest or having one’s head banged into the overhead bins could easily result in a dislocation, fracture, or even a break!)

I guess the lesson here is clear! Do NOT fly United! (And when sourcing travel, leave them OFF of the potential preferred carrier list during negotiations.)

For those who have forgotten, you can go view the entire trilogy of videos Dave made about his horrendous experience on YouTube through the links in this 2010 post:

United Breaks Guitars (The Trilogy): 10 Million Views, All Thanks To You!

(FYI: The trilogy is now closing on 20 Million Views.)