United Breaks Guitars (The Trilogy): 10 Million Views, All Thanks To You!

Last week, and three weeks ago, I reminded you that the one year anniversary of the first video release was this week (on Tuesday, July 6), that Dave was closing fast on 10,000,000 views, and that with your support we could get him there and send airlines everywhere a strong message.

I’m happy to report that, thanks to the international date line, Dave made it. (When the editor checked Tuesday night in his time zone, Dave was just views away, crossing it the next morning in the editor’s time zone, when it was still Tuesday in Samoa). Moreover, the counters are still climbing, which is very important as it seems that, as a whole, the airlines really haven’t gotten the message. (Delta is smashing bicycles of volunteers who TriAndGiveADam and who are working hard to make sure children in Africa have clean drinking water, and refusing to even refund the $200 “we’ll keep your luggage safe” fee.)

As of today, we’re at:

United Breaks Guitars Views (June 29, 2010)
Song 1  8,791,174 
Song 2  1,044,613 
Song 3  180,778 
TOTAL  10,016,565 

I encourage you to revisit these videos and share the links regularly. They’re good songs, even if they’re not your musical style, they’re a rallying point for the bad customer service we continuously get from the airlines (as echoed by Brian Sommer in his post on Eat that Cookie!), and I’m sure not enough people have enjoyed song 3, which is every bit as good as song 1 both in lyrics and video production quality (it’s funny!).