Daily Archives: June 28, 2019

One Hundred and Twenty Five Years Ago Today …

The Americans got themselves an official, federal, US Holiday that goes by the name of Labor Day. While this may not mean much to SI’s readers across the pond (where it seems that they get a bank holiday every other week in the UK and over a month of vacation every year in much of the Western EU), this is pretty significant when you consider that paid holidays in the US are not required under any government regulations and
blue collar and service workers in the US average only 7 paid holidays (while federal employees get 10).

And while this might not sound bad, US law does not require employers to grant any vacation and about 25% of all employees in the US receive no paid vacation time (or even paid holidays). And even in companies where workers get vacation, vacation starts at one week for entry level / new blue collar / service employees and two weeks for white collar jobs (after a year of service). It usually takes five to ten years at the same job for an employee to accrue three weeks, and twenty years of service to get four weeks.

In short, even though Labor Day has been a federal holiday in the US for 125 years, the plight of labour in the United States still needs to be recognized!