Daily Archives: April 8, 2020

Dear Procurement, No Excuses! Carpe Diem Rursus!

When we said that cloud-based solutions — and not just video conferencing applications like Zoom — can help turn your sofa or kitchen table into a mobile procurement command center, we meant it, and gave you four great examples of activities normally done (mostly) in person that you could do just as well (or better) from your home office desk, sofa, or even bed!

But it doesn’t stop there. Today we’re going to review a few more activities that still have a large face-to-face component but that can be done as required while working from home. (And, in a couple of cases, maybe should be done from home as the surroundings, or the approach that needs to be taken, adds relevance!)

Yesterday we described in detail how you could tackle, and conquer:

  • Category Planning
  • Vendor Site Audits
  • User Groups and Workshops
  • Internal Category, Supplier, and Market Intelligence

while working remote. And all you needed to do was embrace modern technology (including modern Source-to-Pay solutions) and think, and work, different. But don’t stop there. With a little thought, creativity, and willingness, you can also effectively tackle:

  • Contract Negotiations
  • End-User Product Qualification
  • Inventory and Asset Management
  • Project Post Mortems

from home as well and get it done. And while you’re probably wondering if all this self-isolation is causing at least some of us, including the doctor, to lose it (we admit we are, to some degree). But the doctor assures you he is not, nor is he a stranger to remote work and having to devise ways to get things done remotely. In fact, he has been working remotely to some extent since the early days of the internet more than two decades ago, and that extent has grown over time (to being 100% remote thanks to COVID-19).

And you can be sure that when he says you can do this, you can. How?

Check out the full details in this CoronaVirus Response Part II post the doctor wrote that published today over on Spend Matters main site.

In other words, don’t look at this crisis as a huge challenge and a stop to business, but instead as an opportunity to do business better than ever and lead your organizations out of this troubled time.