For all I care, they can ban all the Social Media Platforms!

For those who haven’t heard, Montana is the first state to try and ban TikTok, presumably because it’s owned by China that is harvesting the data. Following that logic, shouldn’t they ban every platform that has Chinese investment?

… and then every social media platform that has a presence in China and, as such, must adhere to Chinese law?

Of course, if the real reason they want to ban Social Media platforms is because they realize the damage that social media platforms have been doing to us (and are using the Chinese ownership as an excuse), they can ban them all — including their home-grown American platforms. After all, Twitter made us dumber than a doornail and Facebook is a Toilet so please feel free to take them away too.

Remember, even if you overlook the fact that Facebook is primarily used for sharing conspiracy theories and information that is NOT fact-checked, seeking attention, cyber-stalking your favourite celebrities, and other uses besides the good, wholesome, community aspects they tirelessly promote, if you acted in real life like you acted on Facebook, as the image below suggests, you’d be the subject of multiple psychological assessments and suspicious individual #1 at your local precinct. (Credit to the original source, which I wish I knew!)