Daily Archives: May 13, 2023

Are You Effectively Using Your “Extended Enterprise”?

For many businesses, more than 50% of their workforce is employed by their suppliers. It is their suppliers who make and provide the crucial products and services upon which their own business depends. So, it makes sense to consider how they can best manage those suppliers as part of their ‘extended enterprise’.

Greater connection and collaboration with your extended enterprise can bring multiple benefits. Among them better access to specialised products or market knowledge; process efficiency improvements; a rise in innovation; reduced risk; improved quality control; boosted surety of supply; and additional flexibility.

The introduction to the 2023 Supplier Management Survey

How well do your run, or should I say orchestrate*, your supply base that constitutes your extended enterprise? Do you maximize their productivity? Capability? Innovation? Shouldn’t you know? Shouldn’t you find out?

The answer is, yes, you should be taking steps to better understand the capabilities of your supply base and use them to your advantage. The first step is to benchmark how well you are doing now. The best way to do this is with the State of Flux 15th annual 2023 Supplier Management Survey which will allow you to benchmark your organization’s maturity and performance against hundreds of your peers for free.

State of Flux is the global leading provider of supplier management research and benchmarks, as evidenced by the fact that this is their 15th year and they have been doing it longer than anyone else.

The survey is only open for a limited time, don’t miss your chance!

* keep reading the Source-to-Pay series!