Dear Procurement, No Excuses! Carpe Diem per Scientia et Lectum Diurnum

Cloud-based solutions — and I’m not just talking about Zoom — can help turn your sofa or kitchen table into a mobile procurement command center.

For example, while you have always done the following at least partially (if not entirely) in person and on site, you can tackle these from your barcalounger:

  • Category Planning
  • Vendor Site Audits
  • User Groups and Workshops
  • Internal Category, Supplier, and Market Intelligence

All you need to do is use modern technology (including modern Source-to-Pay solutions) and think and work different. And if you do embrace this new normal and new way of working and start using more of the capabilities, you might just find that you actually perform just as well, if not better (and yes, in some cases you will perform better) than doing it the old way.

How you ask? Check out the full details in this CoronaVirus Response post the doctor wrote that published yesterday over on Spend Matters main site.

In other words, you can look at this crisis as a huge challenge and a stop to business, or an opportunity to do business better than ever and lead your organizations out of this troubled time.

COVID-19: You Can Get Through This!

the doctor still believes that it wouldn’t be so bad if we could all be honest, smart, logical adults but when you have players like China and the USA in the mix (especially when [a] certain Republican[s] is/are in charge), and seniors who are more stubborn than millennials, that’s just not a reality. (In the doctor‘s view, only Sweden has it right. Put some strong measures in place, make sure people understand it’s bad and could be extremely bad if they don’t do as much as possible to prevent that, but don’t ignore it until it’s too late and then shut everything down when it is too late. But that’s a discussion for another article.)

So, we’re in a global mess, and the only way we’re going to get out of it individually is if we’re creative, and collectively is if Procurement takes the lead.

To that end, the doctor has been collaborating heavily with the globally distributed Spend Matters analyst team (because no one person can get us out of this) to bring a unified, technologically focussed, COVID-19 response to help you.

Since the beginning, the global analyst team has been working together to identify the issues that you will be facing and the technologies that will help you get through this, and making a significant amount of this information (which would normally reside behind the PRO paywall given its depth and the amount of analyst time that went into it) FREE for all. (Only the vendor coverage, based on our extremely deep vendor dives, is behind the paywall, but the names of the vendors we are covering are not.* And while the doctor‘s name won’t be attached to much as a lead analyst, you’ll certainly find his digital fingerprints all over it.)

So far, we have given you the first, or second, iterations of:

Note: Some pieces posting today and tomorrow!

0. CoronaVirus Coverage Introduction

1. Supply Risk Management

2. Sourcing & Commodity Management

3. Advanced Procurement Analytics

4. Procure to Pay(P2P)

5. Fraud, P2P, and Vendor Management Safeguards

6. Deep Contract Analytics (Coming Soon!)

7. Contingent Workforce and Services Part I and
Part 2

And we will be updating these with additional issues and vendor coverage as time goes on. (For example, by the end of the week, an extended version of Advanced Procurement Analytics should be up with more issues and more vendor coverage.)

And SpendMatters has even prioritized Brand Studio, Sponsored, and Main Site content that could be helpful to you, including:

And even main site posts on how we can help individually:

And starting this week, the doctor will be leading a main-site series on Dear Procurement, No Excuses (Part I: Carpe Diem per Scientia et Lectum Diurnum) on how you can not only do everything you used to do in person and/or at the office virtually and distributed, and do it better (by embracing the full capabilities of modern technology to knock capability, and productivity, up a notch (no spice weasel needed).

Keep an eye out for it. (the doctor will let you know here when they go live. Don’t worry!)


* As you know, even though he writes a considerable chunk of it, the doctor usually doesn’t push Spend Matters Pro on this site as the smart will seek out the best information they can get (and other analysts can’t hold a candle to the technology coverage the doctor can do), but he wants you to know that if you are considering Pro#, there has never been a better time!

Through the end of April 2020, a Spend Matters’ special PRO Expert Survival Pack is available to procurement practitioners at up to 50% off! See the COVID-19 PRO Expert Survival Pack!

# PRO has published well over 100 vendor deep dives, including dozens and dozens by the doctor himself, in the past three years that go far beyond anything you’ll find anywhere else, as well as thought leadership series on UX, AI, and various S2P areas that are more insightful than most books …

(and while the doctor would like to offer this deep coverage on SI, the reality is the number of vendors who will support educational content vs. thinly disguised marketing content are few and far between and the model SI would like to follow is just not sustainable … the doctor will continue to bring you best practice advice when he can, and will be cross posting some of the public content on, and related to, COVID-19, but if you want the deepest vendor and thought leadership coverage there is, subscribe to PRO [and keep the doctor writing] which you know is always completely unbiased as its paid for by readers, not vendors!

Quarantine Days

Sunday, Monday, Quarantine
Tuesday, Wednesday, Quarantine
Thursday, Friday Quarantine
Saturday and Sunday
Another Quarantine Day

These days were ours
But they’re gone now
These days were ours
They’re all gone now

No more sunshine, and no more rain
It’s just LEDs lighting up my brain
Zoom’s my steady, I use my cam
We’re all in hiding and on the lam

No more cruising round the town
Choices are stand up or sit down
My sanity’s come to an end

Quarantine Days are yours and mine (Quarantine Days)
Quarantine Days are yours and mine (Quarantine Days)
Quarantine Days are yours and mine, Quarantine Days