The Unique Challenges of Travel Procurement

Travel procurement is challenging because it is services-oriented procurement. Services-oriented procurement is challenging because it:

  • is Calendar-based
  • is Time-critical
  • requires Confirmations and updates
  • revolves around Real-time inventory
  • is Dynamically Priced
  • is often Group-Oriented

Travel procurement is even more of a challenge because:

  • Travelers have limited flexibility and the need for frequent changes
  • Employee expectations are continually rising
  • Low adoption of current solutions
  • Maverick spend runs rampant
  • Forced usage of sub-standard tools meets with employee resistance
  • Training costs and burden associated with current tools
  • Increasing fragmentation of the marketplace
  • Current solutions take a silo-approach
  • Agencies, first-generation travel tools, and on-line consumer booking tools all have their limitations

So what can you do? Check back this afternoon!