Supply Chain Direction II: Collaboration is Key

… And a study underway by Craig Hill at Georgia State University may prove it. In his presentation Performance Aspects of Collaborative Planning Forecasting and Replenishment (CPFR) Technologies, Dr. Hill is studying the effects that the implementation of CPFR has had at over 110 compaies that have employed CPFR for over five years. The premises of CPFR is that it (1) decreases inventory, (2) increases customer satisfaction, (3) positively affects stock price, (4) improves performance, and (5) increases sales. Dr. Hill’s preliminary results seem to indicate that inventory turnaround is increased (by 16%), return on assets is increased (by 12%), and average sales are increased. Increased inventory turnaround decreases inventory levels which increases savings (and decreases overall costs), return on assets positively impacts company performance (which likely increases stock price), and increased sales are increased sales. In other words, Collaboration is Key.

On a related note, eyefortransport‘s 2nd Supply Chain Directions Summit takes place three weeks from today. For more details, see my earlier post.