Daily Archives: January 22, 2007

Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence

Informance International just released their Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence Solution for manufacturing companies eager to accelerate improvement initiatives, drive operating strategies, and obtain actionable insight for operational performance.

According to their press release, their EMI solution delivers the top-three critical capabilities required to drive better business decisions:

  • multi-site performance analysis
  • enterprise visibility of production financial performance
  • data aggregation from multiple plant facilities

The solution consists of two modules:

  • Informance Manufacturing Strategist
    • What if Scenario Analysis

      Evaluate strategies and the impact on KPIs based on real time data.

    • Bi-Directional Information Flow

      Allows for the development of strategies and day-to-day operating tactics.

    • Real-Time Performance Monitoring

      A solid foundation for closed-loop process improvement.

  • Informance Enterprise Alerts
    • Proactive Notifications

      Automatic warnings if the enterprise is in danger of missing a metric at any level – facility, asset, or resource.

    • Dashboard Monitoring

      Manage issues globally from a single access point.

According to Informance, this allows your enterprise to:

  • Unlock Capacity
  • Increase Productivity without additional Capital Investment
  • Reduce Inventory and Labor Costs
  • Decrease Working Capital

since it can now

  • accelerate, sustain, and benchmark operational performance initiatives such as lean manufacturing, Six Sigma, and TPM,
  • drive operating strategies at the executive level into execution tactics at the plant level, and
  • provide intelligence in the form of actionable insight from actual data.

So what is Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence? According to Informance, it is a strategic decision support system providing real-time visibility and a consolidated view into your entire manufacturing operations with powerful analytics, exception-based alerting capabilities, and integration to enterprise systems to give corporate decision makers control over all aspects of your manufacturing operations.

Whether or not you choose to define Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence, or EMI, this way is up to you. What I can tell you is that these capabilities are important, since inefficient operations can cost you a lot of money. That’s why I’ve invited Sudy Bharadwaj, CMO & VP of Solutions Consulting, formerly of Aberdeen, to explain to us precisely what Informance EMI is and how it can help your manufacturing organization, or your contract manufacturer, increase productivity and save money.