CBC vs. The Little Guy

It’s a common known fact that american network TV steals, or at least allegedly steals, ideas for TV shows on a regular basis. (One of the more recent fights is chronicled on Corante.) And it’s also a known fact that most of the reality shows take all of your rights away just for the privilege to appear on them. (Take American Inventor for example.) And if they couldn’t steal jokes, some TV shows would have nothing left. (Without borrowed content, Family Guy would be nothing but dead air.)

However, some of us were kind of hoping the good old Canadian Broadcasting Corporation held itself to higher ideals. But that might not be the case. Check out this post over on BongWaterMusic. Is the CBC trying to hone in on the action and steal a great idea from a little guy who’s been pouring his heart and soul into it for two years? I don’t know … but I will be following this story.