Sourcing Innovation Sponsorships: Your Questions Answered

(1) What are Sourcing Innovation traffic levels?

On average, on a daily basis, unique page views are in the 1700 – 1800 range and specific article views (i.e. a direct click-through to an article from a link) are in the 600 range. They are still increasing month-by-month, and often week-by-week.

(2) At our company, we have different budgets for everything. Can the “sponsorship” be billed separately from the “sponsorship advisory services”?


(3) I only have authority for marketing/PR/advertising. Can I just buy a sponsorship?

You can start off with just a sponsorship and add the advisory services at a later time, as long as you continue to sponsor the blog (since the sponsorship advisory services program is only offered to sponsors).

(4) I’m not in marketing/PR/advertising and do not have a budget for sponsorship, but I am interested in the sponsor advisory services program. Do you have a non-sponsorship advisory program?

Not at this time, but I do make a living as an independent consultant, and you are free to contact me in that regard at any time.

(5) What are the sponsorship benefits vs. the sponsorship advisory program benefits if I choose to start with just basic sponsorship (and pursue the advisory program at a later time, when I have the budget)?

Blog Sponsor Benefits, as advertised previously, are:

  • a linked company logo on the topmost section of the right-hand side of the Sourcing Innovation blog
  • a “sponsor welcome” post describing your organization and offerings, and then one “interview”, (blogger) “commentary”, or sponsor “update” post each quarter (subject matter at blogger’s discretion)
  • unlimited permission to reproduce blog content, with citation, for marketing initiatives during the sponsorship period
  • attendance, and blog coverage, of one sponsor event per year in Canada or the US
  • assistance with two webcasts or podcasts per year
  • one affiliate content link

Sponsor Advisory Program Benefits, as advertised previously, are:

  • virtually unlimited off-site advisory services:

    (availability for four calls of up to ninety minutes each per month to discuss anything related to your technology, business, strategy, or market is guaranteed)

  • generous e-mail advisory services:

    the primary sponsor contact(s) may send as many e-mail inquiries as they like to the Sourcing Innovation Blog Editor throughout the sponsorship period; the Editor will attempt to respond to most requests promptly, subject to the caveat that responses that require time to construct a reasonable answer may be delayed due to availability or deferred to the next telephone conversation

  • one free day of on-site advisory services per six-month period
  • invitation to any private event sponsored or co-sponsored by Sourcing Innovation
  • one original vendor-independent technology, process, or solution white paper at half off (up to 10 pages)

(6) What is the minimum commitment for just a blog sponsorship?

Three months. (But note that certain beneftis require a six month or one year commitment.)

(7) What is the minimum commitment for the sponsor advisory services.

Six months. (And, if purchased separately from the sponsorship, the blog sponsorship must be continued throughout the duration of the advisory services.)