It’s … It’s … It’s … Coupa-sonic!

The press-release hits the wire later today, but ISM started yesterday, and thus your chance to see the new version of Coupa‘s Enterprise Procurement Platform is here! It’s not only Purchasing Simplified, it’s the next evolution of on-demand procurement for the small and mid-sized enterprise.

The enterprise version of Coupa not only supports the procurement cycle from end-user requisition through delivery confirmation, but also supports approval hierarchies, attachments and automatic PDF creation, punch-out support, asset tagging, multi-way matching, and even RFQs! (I know, I know … everybody and their dog supports RFQs these days, but how many people include this basic e-Sourcing functionality inside an e-Procurement system at no-extra cost? And how many are designed with the straightforward needs of a SME in mind? And how many are easy to use?)

Based on Coupa’s underlying open-source Coupa Express platform, the industry’s first freely downloadable eProcurement solution, a company can be up and running on Coupa almost immediately. According to Lynell Rogeri of Cantaxx, Coupa Enterprise was delivering results within 24 hours of installation and the simple, ‘clean’, screens allowed them to be much more productive than they could have been with traditional procurement software. Furthermore, Coupa offers the breadth of functionality that gives them exactly the business process support they need.

As per the press release:

Small and mid-size companies that want a simple and affordable solution to automate their purchasing, invoicing, and eRFQ processes can now choose Coupa eProcurement Enterprise. Delivered as On-Demand or On-Premise software, Coupa eProcurement Enterprise includes full product support and offers a total cost of ownership that is 10 to 20 percent of what companies pay for traditional eProcurement solutions.

So, if you’re in Vegas, be sure to check out their ISM booth! If you weren’t able to make it, attend their webinar and check out the new Coupa website!

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