Build a Better Worker

The April 23 (2007) issue of Canadian Business had a large section on the Best Workplaces of 2007 with the theme of How to Build a Better Worker that contained a number of useful tips for those of you working on your Talent Acquisition, Retention, and Development plans to make sure you don’t become another victim of The Talent Crunch.

The section contained a number of articles that focussed on how the best workplaces focus on fairness, promote respect, build credibility, instill pride, and cultivate camaraderie. Each of these articles contained a mini-tips section that is worth noting since you can use it as the foundations for your efforts.

In Fairness First, we are given five tips to foster fairness:

  • Manage Expectations

    Also, under-promise and over-deliver.

  • Seek Input

    And integrate good suggestions into your initiatives.

  • Make Decisions Transparent

    Don’t sugar-coat bad news. They’re adults, after all.

  • Explain the Decision-Making Process

    Be transparent, honest, and regular.

  • Don’t Throw Money Around

    When something’s wrong, diagnose it and fix it.

    Money alone won’t keep a good employee in a bad environment.

In Well Done, we are presented with five techniques to build respect:

  • Invest in Employees

    Offer training and development programs.

  • Acknowledge Good Work and Extra Effort

    Formally or informally, whatever works best.

  • Use a Variety of Techniques to Encourage Input

    Respond to input and implement good ideas.

  • Include Employees in Important Decisions

    Give employees a chance to voice concerns.

  • Recognize that Employees have Personal Lives

    Allow some flexibility with schedules.

In Talk the Talk, we are provided four insights on creating credibility:

  • Keep Employes Informed Using Available Channels

    Use newsletters and video-conferences in addition to on-site meetings.

  • Do Your Job Well

    Focus on becoming and staying an expert.

  • Deliver on Promises

    Build a track record of matching words with actions and your employees will trust you.

  • Perform Consistently

    If you make a mistake, acknowledge it promptly, take responsibility, and focus on correcting the situation.

In Proud out Loud, we are notified of three methodologies for promoting pride:

  • Clarify the Organization’s Connection with Community

    Social responsibility is more than just good public relations.

  • Clearly Explain Goals and Make Sure They are Understood

    Everyone tends to pull in the same direction when they all know the same score.

  • Empower Employees to Make Decisions, Especially Regarding Customers

    Employees who feel they have the authority to make the “right decision

    are happier, more productive, and more confident.

In Work Buds, we are granted three approaches for cultivating camaraderie:

  • Set Ground Rules and Encourage Creativity

    Celebrate special events and productivity.

  • Create a Hospitable Workplace

    A little fun goes a long way so encourage staff to socialize regularly.

  • Build a Sense of Community

    Employees should be able to count on each other professionally and personally.