Who Wants to Brief the doctor?

Just a reminder that if you’re interested in the chance to Brief the doctor to drop me a line at thedoctor<at>sourcinginnovation<dot>com. (If we’ve already spoken, or you’ve already contacted me, then you’re on the list and I’ll contact you when I know I’m going to be in your city.)

So far this year, as astute readers will have picked up on, I’ve been in the following major cities: Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Indianapolis, San Francisco, and Toronto. Right now, I’m looking for (more) companies in Boston, Calgary, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco, and Toronto, as I’m likely to be there (again) before the year is up, as well as Denver, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, Phoenix and other large major Canadian and US cities that host sourcing and procurement conferences and events on a regular basis. (Also, if your sourcing or procurement product or service company is not on my master company list on the Sourcing Innovation resource site, please drop me a brief note introducing your company with your URL. Please allow a week or so for the next site update for it to appear on the list.)

Unlike some analyst firms, this isn’t pay-to-play, so if you have a good story, if I can find the time, I’m happy to listen to it. (However, if you’re looking for a way to get some name, and brand recognition, and are innovative enough to understand the importance of web 2.0 social networking technologies, I would invite you to consider a Sourcing Innovation Sponsorship, which will not only insure that the blog keeps publishing content sourcing and procurement professionals can use on a daily basis, but help it to expand the depth, breadth, and regularity of such content.)

[Shameless Plugs Alert] Finally, while we’re on the subject of me, I’d like to remind you that I do make my living as an independent consultant, who specializes in helping product and service firms create better supply chain information technology solutions (products, processes, or services) as well as companies looking to select and implement such technologies through my consulting company. (And, like Azul Partners, who can help you market those better supply chain information technology solutions, please note that my firm is not a commodity either!)  For more information, drop the doctor an e-mail.