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Maximize your Marketing with Sourcing Innovation Sponsorships

Are you an innovator in the sourcing, procurement, or related supply chain space? Do you want intelligent, progressive, and innovative practitioners to know it? Do you believe that end-user education is the best way to attract and retain customer focus? Are you ready for the social revolution?

If you answered yes to these questions, have a desire to be recognized by the sourcing and procurement leaders of today and tomorrow, and want to be associated with a site that gets regular, repeat, visitors on a daily basis, then a Sourcing Innovation sponsorship is for you!

Not only is the blog becoming mainstream – but it is becoming the news feed of choice of many Web 2.0 / social networking converts. More and more, people are checking the daily blogs first for up to date news, commentary, analysis, and education. They’re becoming so popular now that a significant number of online trade publications and vendors have recently started their own blogs to try and catch a piece of the wave.

However, very few of these blogs have the following of Sourcing Innovation or Spend Matters who figured out a while ago that the only way to grow AND retain readership is to have fresh, informative, provocative, analytical, useful, and, most importantly, independent content on a daily basis. Collectively, Sourcing Innovation and Spend Matters are the only two non-vendor or non-trade-publication independent blogs focussed on the sourcing and procurement space that have been around for over a year and publishing on a daily basis. Sourcing Innovation is proud to be one of them.

Besides brand recognition, respect, lots of goodwill, and assurances that the the blog will continue to churn out volumes of content, a purchase of one of the four available Sourcing Innovation Sponsorship will also net you:

  • a linked company logo on the topmost section of the right hand side-bar of the Sourcing Innovation blog
  • a “sponsor overview” post and one “sponsor insight” post in each subsequent quarter (the doctor’s choice)
  • unlimited permission to reproduce unedited blog content, with citation, for marketing initiatives during the sponsorship period
  • attendance, and blog coverage, of one sponsor event per year in Canada or the US
  • assistance with webcasts or podcasts (with a minimum sponsorship term)

In addition, a sponsor can also choose to upgrade sponsorship to the sponsor advisory program, which also nets you:

  • off-site advisory services on a monthly basis
  • free on-site advisory services (with a minimum term)
  • invitation to any private event sponsored or co-sponsored by Sourcing Innovation
  • an affiliate content link in addition to your logo
  • one original vendor-independent thought paper at a deep discount

For more information, drop me a line at thedoctor<at>sourcinginnovation<dot>com. Sponsorships are on a first-come, first-serve basis and, as noted above, only four are available.

Furthermore, the sooner you make a decision, the sooner the slots fill, and the sooner we get back to our regularly scheduled programming. After all, don’t you want to find out if The Vendor in Black Comes Back?