Daily Archives: September 15, 2007

Supply Chain Humor This Week VII

Today I bring you three more spendalicious stories from the hat of The Satirical Sourcerer

Do you know where your components are?
While it’s nice to have a strategic sourcing effort to get you the best possible deal for your components, it would seem to be moot, if you end up “misplacing” the components. I would imagine the problem is that much worse, when your components are…. Ummmm… components for building Nuclear weapons.
Audit finds U.S. nuclear weapons parts misplaced

I feel sooooo safe now.

Mee liikee Beeere Awksions!
The importance of having a detailed and accurate RFQ/RFP when conducting an online auction was never more evident than in this story: “…a typing error of one person on eBay turned out to be a profit of $500,000 for another savvy eBay trader.”
Bonus: The auction was for a museum quality bottle of beer.
$500K EBay Typo – One Man’s Mistake Another’s Gain

Who needs quality control?

Labor rates, and the list you don’t want to be on:
Ten most overpaid jobs in the U.S.

High School Dropout doing basic data entry into a computer $136,000
PhD Blogger who toils to bring you great posts on a daily basis $      0

I think it’s time I give this up and take a job working with the longshoremen down in San Francisco. Seriously.