Daily Archives: September 29, 2007

Supply Chain Humor This Week IX

Today I bring you three more spenderific stories from the hat of The Satirical Sourcerer, the great Metals Miner from Aptium Global, that demonstrate the importance of cost avoidance.

If you build it.. He will come.
Before spending “hundreds of thousands of dollars” of your own money to build a baseball field in your backyard, make sure you obtain all necessary permits, or else they will force you to remove it. ‘Cost avoidance’ is the name of the guy playing third base.
City says baseball field no dream

Just because Kevin Costner can get away with it, doesn’t mean you can!

Travelocity helped book some flights to Cuba due to “technical problems”.
Well, they now had to pay Uncle Sam $182,750 as a fine.

Generally when you have a “technical problem”, that prevents a user from using the system. There was obviously a “failure”, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t technical!

Cost Avoidance 102:
Quit spending tax dollars on things that are “possibly extinct”. Darn hippie liberals.
U.S. to spend $27M on possibly extinct bird

Well, this is the same government that paid $998,798 for the shipment of two 19-cent washers. Should we really be surprised? At least it’s still paltry compared to the $84.4M paid by the Australian government for a $24.99 net filter.