A Coupa Inspired Hoe-Down

It seems that my posting of the Coupa Drinking Song confused a few farmer’s cooperatives when they read the lines:
  Use it to bid on anything
  Except maybe that goat

In particular, it seems that some may have assumed that this meant that you cannot use Coupa to purchase goats. This simply is not true! As long as you can define a “goat” as a standard commodity or a special one-time purchase, you can indeed purchase goats using Coupa e-Procurement if you so desire. Furthermore, there is absolutely no reason that a farmer’s cooperative should not be considering Coupa for all of its e-Procurement needs!

I give you my sincere apologies for any confusion I might have caused. Please accept this Coupa Inspired Hoe-Down as my way of saying “thank you for your understanding“.

It was just yesterday, I ran out of feed
A wascally wabbit, it ate all my seed
Hens were getting restless, I couldn’t drink my mead
I logged into Coupa, and it met my need

Just a click of the mouse, and confirmation
The order was on its way, from central station
Lots of time left to find wabbit wemoval
A Five-Star service with user approval

The next day he arrived with his trusty rifle
“I’ll shoot the wrascal fast, it won’t be a trifle”
He headed to the field, quiet as he could be
Pinned his sights on a spot and waited patiently

The wabbit hopped up behind, and said “What’s up, Doc?”
He spun around startled, and tripped on a rock
Fell on the tractor’s gear, drove it into the moat
Now my grass is too tall, and I need a goat

To Coupa for a goat!

P.S. Good news! The date of Coupa’s next announcement is fast approaching. It’s October 22. Check back early that week for coverage!