Vendor of the Week

Vendor of the Week is a SI exclusive that runs through the end of the year, or until the first two sponsors sign up, whichever comes first.

The following vendors have been selected as vendor of the week:

Week Vendor
October 22, 2007 Coupa
October 29, 2007 Provade
November 05, 2007 Co-exprise
November 12, 2007 Vinimaya
November 19, 2007 Aravo
November 26, 2007 Next Level Purchasing
December 3, 2007 Global Data Mining
December 10, 2007 BIQ

Vendors of the Week are selected randomly at the sole discretion of the doctor. The vendor of the week is a company that is doing something the doctor considers to be truly innovative and relevant to sourcing and procurement.