Have No Fear – the doctor Does Not Belong To A Writer’s Union!

I’m sure by now you’ve all heard the news – Hollywood Writers On Strike. And you know what comes next … sympathy strikes from other writer’s unions! Of course, this might not be a bad thing – how many more jokes can you take about Paris’ Pursing of TinkerBell, Britney Baring All, and Lindsay Lohan Beyond Her Bounds? (Speaking of which, what do you have when Paris, Britney, and Lindsay are all in the same room? Vestiphobia Unanonymous!)

Fortunately for you, the doctor does not belong to a writer’s union! The strike will have no effect whatsoever on the doctor‘s publishing schedule – although the doctor might get cranky if the last episode of Heroes ends up being the cliff-hanger of the season. This would likely result in the doctor letting the Sourcing-Maniacs loose in an uninhibited manner on the next un-innovative company to put out a press release advertising last century’s technology as the solution of tomorrow. Either way, as long as this blog publishes, NEW quality content will keep flowing.